Premium Rate Services

The range of premium rate services has grown considerably in recent years, allowing access to information, advice and entertainment services as well as facilitating audience participation in TV and radio shows.



The most popular types of premium rate services are:

  • Calls or texts to competitions/voting lines/ quiz shows
  • Text services (e.g. news or text alerts)
  • Downloading games, ringtones, wallpapers or full music tracks

The mobile phone is the dominant method of accessing most types of premium rate services, with online/internet access also key for certain types of services.

The most easiest and convinent type of premium billing that is highly effective and successful for most of our clients is PSMS or premium sms.

Premium SMS provides a simple way for companies to generate revenue. By charging customers with a premium SMS message delivered to their handset, payments can be taken easily and securely whilst the user is on the move.

For more information about about premium messages please go to the messaging page

Premium rate messaging is one of our core services, our account managers have collectively over 30 years experience between them. So we can provide you an additional revenue stream without any problems. Contact us today.