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Mobile Advertising


Mobile user engagement is vital

Mobile should be more than just an extension of your existing strategy, and will be increasingly important to marketers in effectively reaching specific, relevant and engaged mobile audiences in the future.

Google’s research has concluded that by 2013, more people will use mobile devices than PC’s to get online. With 59% of the UK population already actively using mobile devices to access the internet of which 81% go on to take an action, isn’t it about time your brand went mobile?

What is Mobile Advertising?

Mobile display advertising allows you to strategically place interactive banner adverts on mobile sites and mobile applications.

Much like more traditional display advertising online, targeting methods have become increasingly intelligent, allowing advertisers to actively promote to only the most relevant audiences.

How are they served?

Essentially, the ads are scaled down and mobile optimised versions of online display ads, in smaller banner on-mobile inventory.

We can reach specific mobile sites or applications and even define by specific handset, telecoms provider and geographically – not to mention the ability to target demographically, contextually and behaviorally.

The additional advantage of advertising in this manner is the wide range of mobile features ads can incorporate for direct response including: “click-to-call”, interactive maps, “play now video” and social media sharing.

Our Service

Here at Brownstar we have experience and provide the necessary research, creative design and media planning services to effectively place your mobile ads and manage the advertising spend. To ensure cost effectiveness and the highest level of ROI we generally use cost-per-click (CPC) networks.

Whether you’re promoting your new mobile site or application we can devise and implement the ideal mobile display strategy tailored to your exact requirements and goals

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