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Branded QR codes

You maybe wondering what a QR code is? A QR Code is a cell phones readable bar-code that can store website’s URLs, plain text, phone numbers, email addresses and pretty much any other alphanumeric data.

So now that you know what a QR code is what do they look like and what is the different types well let us educate you further.

Standard QR Code





Branded QR Codes












Storing up to 4296 characters they are internationally standardized under ISO 18004, so a QR code is a QR code all over the world – they’ve been big in UK forever.


QR Codes can be used to:

  • Conference/Event Displays
  • Print Advertisements
  • Business Cards
  • Brochures, Posters and Flyers
  • Postcards and Mailers
  • Access a web page
  • Send a text message or email
  • Generate an instant message or TextChat
  • Play a video
  • Enter a sweepstakes
  • Generate a mobile coupon


QR Codes are handy marketing tools with the following benefits:

  • Quickly link anywhere
  • have a long shelf life
  • can change destination at any time
  • track scans
  • are a novelty
  • offer a differentiator
  • attract an upscale audience
  • make your product more relevant to young adults

What’s the point of QR codes?

You might think that QR codes aren’t that important since only people with smart phones can read them. That’s true, but in 2011 there were 468 million smart phones sold worldwide, a number that looks to climb by 34% by 2015 from mob thinking. People who buy smart phones are typically younger and more affluent than people who buy feature phones. That is the golden demographic for all advertising, and by using a QR code, you can instantly target your advertisement to that group.


What can QR Code technology do?

  • QR Code enhanced branding can create a 360 experience:
  • Revitalize branding by adding new dimensions to the brand’s exposure
  • Brand engagement – through increased interactivity and novel strategic alliances
  • Brand enhancement – deliver meaning to brands with new technology and content-rich engagement of brands between customers and companies
  • Allow for quick and easy real time updates of data
  • Ability to do a commercial within a commercial – creating partners in media
  • Offer a green marketing alternative – use less resources, or replace/augment expensive hard copy marketing tools
  • Allow charity donations to be made in real time
  • There are numerous applications for QR codes that allow the consumer to be engaged repeatedly with a refreshed brand experience.  They also produce metrics that can provide information on the location, time and date, type of device used to scan, and more.  QR Codes allow you to connect with your customers instantly and produce quantifiable data like never before.

Branded QR codes can enhance your brand let us create a branded solutions for you today please get contact us now.

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