We have several core solutions surrounding our mobile gateway. Some help you send and receive SMS messages, while others help you bill your customers. All our solutions can do both in varying degrees. Depending on your requirements, we have a solution for you.

Whether you have a one-time campaign to spread the message about your brand or event, or an on-going need to charge your customers for online or mobile services, we can work with you to find the best solution.

From pre-built, turnkey solutions that can be integrated quickly with your existing website, or tailor-made solutions built on our mobile gateway platform, we are confident that we can assist you.



SMS Short Code numbers, also know as Short Codes are special numbers, shorter than a full telephone number, which can be used to request information, register an enquiry, and make a donation to charity. They are used to capture content information displayed on all forms of print advertising, television and radio, on outdoor media, promotional literature, point of sale goods, direct mail and on fleet vehicles.

They are designed to be shorter and more memorable than a standard telephone number. They also reply back to the consumer with your message or content within a matter of seconds.

Short Code SMS numbers have a number of advantages over traditional advertising and marketing methods and countless applications…

  1. SMS Short Codes are more memorable than long phone numbers and web sites
  2. Quickly generate hot sales leads; enquiries come from interested customers.
  3. Short Codes engage prospects at the point of display, allowing you to establish a relationship with your potential customer ahead of the competition.
  4. They are an effective and immediate call to action; your prospect can respond before the moment has passed. SMS provides an instant response round the clock.
  5. Capture consumer data; you instantly receive the customer’s mobile number – we automatically email you this. You can build on the initial enquiry and this information can be used for future permission-based marketing campaigns.
  6. Short Codes are particularly effective in conjunction with special offers and promotions. They are viral: people forward mobile messages.
  7. Measure your marketing campaigns accurately and immediately. The success of a local or national advertising campaign can be measured and expanded or discontinued accordingly. Use different ‘Keywords’ for different marketing activities.
  8. SMS (text) is the channel of choice for millions of consumers.


Additional Information

Different types of shortcodes that we offer?

SMS shortcodes

  1. Mobile users respond to the campaigns by texting the shortcode
  2. Can be used for SMS marketing, purchase mobile content, voting or to enter a competition
  3. Range of price-point supported and both dedicated and shared shortcodes

Freetext shortcodes

  1. Allows mobile users to text a shortcode for free
  2. Service provider bears the cost of freetext message
  3. Available in the UK only

Charity shortcodes

  1. Available to registered charities only to collect donations using Premium SMS
  2. Charity shortcode range is between 70000 – 70999
  3. Offered in UK

MMS shortcodes

  1. Deliver rich content to mobile e.g videos, images
  2. Available in UK

Voice shortcodes

  1. Premium call charges from mobiles can now be charged at the same rate as from standard landlines.
  2. Used for TV Voting campaigns and chat services.
  3. Zero rate calls from mobiles coming soon…
  4. Support tariffs from £0.10 up to £2.00 – drop charges also available
  5. Available in UK

Video shortcodes

  1. Used for video calling from mobile phones
  2. Tariffs supported from £0.50 up to £5.00
We offer a shared shortcodes with very good out-payments, contact us with your requirements  and one of our account managers can get you going the same day.
For more information about about  messages please  contact us now with your requirements.