Call Centre Services

Our call centre services are the most comeptitive in the industry. Most call centres are amazed at not only what we can provide but more importantly on the rates we offer. Over 95% of the time all our call centre solutions are cheaper than the existing providors which is why we consistently win new business. You will also be amazed at our technology too. Below is just a snippit of what we can offer you.

SmartdialSmartDialler is a modern and innovative take on the traditional outbound dialler. We have developed one of the most efficient and easy to use call center tools on the market today, and we’re really exited about the benefits it can bring to telephone orientated operations.


We have developed an algorithm that not only improves upon the predictive dialling algorithm but also ensures that dropped/silent calls are kept to a comfortable and Ofcom regulated low. This, in combination with other expected features such as answer machine detection and blended dialling, produces a very attractive solution.

Smartdial research


We take the quality of the product seriously and were quick to put the software to a fair test against other methods. The pie charts above are the result of this research, which was conducted over 6 months with 10 call center agents on each method. We expected productivity to increase, but we were taken back by just how much this happened.



STARDIAL allows call centres to target prospects and customers much more effectively by displaying the CLI of a town or city close to each called party on a per-call basis. This results not only in increased contact rates for the call centre or campaign, but also a sense for the call recipient that the caller is local to them. In turn, this improves customer confidence when compared to the experience of receiving a call from either a withheld number or an unfamiliar non-geographic number – which is unlikely to be answered.

img_7In September 2011, our partner commissioned independent research amongst 2,000 UK consumers to understand how they would respond to calls from certain number types. Along with increases of 34% in contact rates experienced by one of our customers, the results of this survey provide a compelling justification for STARDIAL

  • 71% said they were either UNLIKELY TO or WOULD NOT answer a call from a withheld or blocked number.
  • 66% responded in the same way for calls from 08 numbers.
  • 75% said they were either LIKELY TO or WOULD answer a call from a LOCAL geographic number.

Please contact us today to talk in more detail about how STARDIAL can improve your productivity and outbound and inbound results.